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It’s easy to envision the fun that your guests will have with our professional, full-size roulette, poker and blackjack tables, not forgetting the professionally-trained croupiers who’ll be in attendance to add the finishing touches to our casino entertainment experience. Your guests will be falling over themselves to get involved in the fun and games, even those who haven’t played before will be excited by the opportunity to win a prize.

At Casino International we provide the very best in unique casino experiences. Removing the risk of any real financial loss, your guests will be able to play with fun money. The inclusion of fun money and the opportunity to win a prize with money amassed at the end of your guest’s time with us makes our fun casino games work.

All tables provided for corporate entertainment are designed by ourselves and created by craftsmen cabinet makers and upholsters. We don’t scrimp on resources; in fact we go above and beyond to create an authentic casino feel, which is why all of our tables are also created with the finest high quality materials. The defining feature of Casinos International is that we strive for excellence, providing you with nothing less than an exciting, realistic casino. We love nothing more than delivering casino fun and putting a smile on your face; if your guests aren’t happy then neither are we.

A casino party is a great way of providing corporate entertainment. It’s also a fantastic means of raising money for charity. If there’s one thing for definite it’s that your guests will want for nothing after sampling the best that Casinos International has to offer. For all of your corporate entertainment contact our friendly team to discuss your options and to receive a free quote.